Smart watches for kids are gaining popularity

Smart watches for kids are gaining popularity and, in my opinion, in 2-3 years nobody will be able to avoid this trend. Who could imagine ten years ago that with an ordinary watches we will be listening to music, surf the Internet and measure our heartbeat and steps? Today it is possible and in this review we are discussing smart watches for kids. There is no doubt, that the main function of smart watches for kids is the child safety, that`s why such watches don`t have any entertainment apps, games and so on, everything is done to make lives of kids safe and easy (best smartwatches for kids review)

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The main manufacturer of such type of watches is the company “FiLIP”. The interface is designed with taking into account the children’s opportunities, everything is clear and distinctly. Watches look like toy braceletes and have 4 bright colors. The gadget is equipped with GPC, Wi-Fi and GSM modules, that allow parents to track the whereabouts of their child. For the most critical situations there is red button. If you touch it for 3 seconds, the alarming message will be sent to mobile phones of the parents with indication of the location of their kid. So we can`t deny that this device is really usefull and coll, but there are some disadvantages: for example, it is not waterproof, it can`t measure steps and heartbet. The first fact is the most important, because children are not very careful and can drop it into the water as a piece of cake, so it is rather significant shortage.
Let`s discuss smart watches for kids of the manufacturer “HereO”. “HereO” has practically the same functions as “FiLIP”, but in addition it is waterproof, the app for this gadget can be downloaded from the iTunes, the battery life exceeds 50 hours and the price of this watches is only 129$. I think it will be the best choice.
There are two other kinds of kids` smart watches. The first is called “Fitbit” and it is done for child with excess weight. Unfortunately, the problem of extra weight is actual nowadays and this watches can help us to remove or decrease this situation. Watches remind us beloved Tamagotchi, but it is not so easy to get the pet – you must deserve it. “HereO” suggestes you different physical exercises, and, for example you should run or jump for some minutes to get kitten or puppy.
The last model is watches “Koen”. It is made for kids who have heart disease. Unfortunately, they don`t understand seriousness of this problem and the objective of “Koen” is to prevent the development of serious symptoms and help your child learn to control themselves. The meaning of the work is to find abnormal changes in heart rate and to suggest interesting game, the purpose of which is to lead heartbeat back to normal. In watches “lives” funny crab «Koen», which will ask to play with him every time when the sensor detects a failure. Koen offer to perform breathing and calming exercises in a playful way.
In this way we reviewed and discussed 4 types of smartwatches for kids. Undoubtedly, such watches are very usefull and necessary, specially if your children sufferes from some diseases. What kind of watches is the best? I can`t say exactly – choose according to your preferences and beliefs.

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